Metro Graphix Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click Chart

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a feature that is now being offered by the major search engines. Pay-Per-Click or PPC is basically an enhanced model for advertising that can be effectively used on blogs, search engines, and other online networks. The popularity of Pay-Per-Click is driven by the fact that you don't have to pay for the advertisement and you only pay for the click. Only if a visitor clicks on your advertisement, you will be required to pay. This makes a lot of business sense and we at Metro Graphix ensure that we provide our Clients with maximum leads, more business and therefore optimum growth.

Developing a highly successful PPC advertising program is an iterative process and our Houston based Pay-per-Click (PPC services) team aims to provide an effective management to improve the performance of internet advertising, and improve the efficiency of expenditure.


We start by understanding your business goals and translating them into a tailored marketing plan. Whether it's search, retargeting, video, or social, we create the optimal mix of advertising channels to best achieve your lead gen and/or revenue goals.


We choose relevant keywords, write compelling ad copy, create optimized landing pages, and start producing instant results. Our proven accelerator launch gets you up and running and producing results faster.


Successful campaigns require constant optimization. We analyze the entire funnel from ad copy and targeting to on page conversion, looking for ways to improve each metric. We believe in driving consistent and sustainable growth, and helping you get the most out of your investment in digital marketing.


On average, only 10% of website visitors will convert. What are you doing to get in front of the 90% who do not? Use retargeting to engage audiences that are already warm to your message and get more out of your paid advertising investment.

Site retargeting: Deploy display ads to target those who have visited your site, but have not yet become a lead or customer.

Search retargeting: Deploy display ads to target new customers who have never visited your site before, but have searched keywords relevant to your business on search engines.